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If you’re on a , instead of telling yourself, “I’m nervous and scared,” say, “This is going to be something new, an adventure, and I’m looking forward to this experience.” A simple change in wording allows your emotions to act as a support system rather than a If someone is slumping at their desk, you’d probably gather that they were tired or just very, very bored.

We use body language to silently tell the world how we are feeling and what we want from a situation.

Limitation: Some management functions are unavailable. Free Chat Host Server Application URL: Licensed version of 123Flash Chat host/server software Advantages: No commercials, full support service, multi-client choice, and could select suitable chat room to combine with according to your individual needs. Configuration The Dating pro chat module installation will link to a free chat host by default which can detect your domain name automatically, we also provide three kinds of integration method. 123 Flash Chat Server Software is a feature rich and high performance Java chat server with a cool Flash chat client!

You may get upset and mirror them by also acting distant.

Therefore, your Dating Pro users may access chat room without re-entering their username and password.

2) Display chat link on Dating pro menu The chat module may put chat link on "communication" in Dating pro menu.3) Friendlist integration With the new Friendlist integration feature after 123 Flash Chat v7.4, the 123 Flash Chat could integrated Dating pro's friendlist.

And our mood directly affects, well, everything else.

People with high EI keep this in mind and can “shift their moods” — meaning they can go from a negative to a positive mindset.

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