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The minute they wilt you can’t give them away.” Dear God, this is brutal.

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These people have worked with Glenn personally receiving One-on-One coaching, so that Glenn could help them use the training to work with their specific issues, challenges, and struggles they were undergoing. Glenn's schedule is usually full, but a few spots open up every month due to different clients' travel schedules.

“Cs have learned to fend for themselves, they’re independent and strong and men see them as intimidating,” says Alun. It’s imperative, he says, I remember men “are made to slay dragons”.

He says: “Mummy’s boys won’t mind if the woman is the boss but “normal” men will resent a woman who appears stronger than him.”Alun asks me what I do when a man opens a door for me. In future I am to respond with a coquettish: “Oh why can’t I ever meet a nice, gentlemanly, single man like you? Paula’s conclusion: “You’re extremely ambivalent and you’re finding all the reasons not to have a relationship,” she says, before telling me to try internet dating.

While he accepts men over 60 on to his books, his cut-off point for women is 42. Incidentally he says a lady should never reveal her precise age so “older than Kylie, younger than Madonna it is”.

He says dating agencies that accept women over 42 are a swizz, middle-aged men don’t want contemporaries and that: “Women are like a bunch of flowers.

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