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Before I was a six month AFF member with pretty much same results.

Those sites work fine adn will get you laid if you work on your communication skills and if you are decent looking. I've been a member of Casual Dating4u for over 1 year.

You have to be patient and put some effort into the process.

If you weren't lucky double or ripple your chances by using Casual Sex Only and Be Naughty. To all the guys who were not lucky on Casualdating4u: Most of your profiles are totally inadequate and far too brief.

OH, and btw: D### pics and naked body shots are not gonna help you. Most if em average looking but usually wide open for some fun, if ya know what I mean.

I'm probably a slightly better looking guy than average.

In my time with Casual Dating4u I have met with 10-20 women from the site. Just be honest and upfront with people and for guys, dont expect women to be throwing themselves at you.

I am a woman using Casual Dating4u because right now I have no time for a relationship but I still need something exra in my life.

When you join you get choked with winks and messages and most of them are not very nice;) As a woman you you seperate the good from the bad approaches.

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