Dating your male roommate

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And the best part was that neither of us needed to invite the other one back.” Their roommates weren’t happy they were hooking up, so he and Justine tiptoed around more than they wanted to—Alex would go to sleep in his bed and emerge in the morning from Justine’s.

(Eventually, they agreed the cheap bed wasn’t working.) If their dating was bad for the roommates, being roommates was just as bad for the dating.

Telling himself that it might save the relationship, he decided to move out—even though he’d been there first.

“I realized the relationship had to some extent been about convenience,” he says, “and I wanted the perspective to see if we really had a shot at staying together.” He quickly found a place in the East Village with two roommates, a guy and a girl.

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We have cuddled on the couch a couple times, and sometimes he gives me random hugs.“It was kind of a slight when I’d say, ‘I think I want to sleep alone tonight,’ ” says Alex.“When you take away the whole ‘I don’t want to get on the subway and go all the way over’ conversation, saying you want to sleep alone sounds a little insensitive.” But at the same time, he liked the intensity.The sex wasn’t good the first time, but she liked him so much that it didn’t stop her.Over the next four months, as they kept dating, Sam began treating Deirdre more like a girlfriend than like a roommate, picking her up from work, asking her to make dinner.

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