Dating us military men

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Tactical seniority, also known as "battlefield seniority", is the manner in which a senior officer in command of a given tactical situation is determined.For instance, within the United States Navy, groups of ships performing exercises together will have one ship designated as the tactical senior unit.Most of the guys our age are only privates and don't make that much.Going to war and doing the jobs that they have to, takes a toll on people.Stop dating military men because you want to be like the movies or the other couples.

Historical seniority is typically only bestowed to those officers who were the inaugural holders of ranks or for those who served as the senior most military officer during a major armed conflict.For officers in the same rank or paygrade, seniority is determined by the dates on whom assumed their rank first.A type of "positional seniority" exists for military officers who hold top leadership positions of the armed forces.I'm not saying it's a bad thing because I know how genuine some of the relationships are. We're so young and they want to be married and have children and go through life already? Yet when I see their Instagram and Facebook pictures, they are both so happy.They give everything they are to someone who risks their life for our country... What I cannot stand are the many young adults who are dating an active duty personal for the benefits if they get married.

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