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This isn't important to everyone, but finding the humor in the weird, bizarre, even upsetting things that happen to us, and the things we observe in daily life that may seem banal or commonplace to others, is what makes us human.And if you can do this together, that's indicative of a special connection.Dating a few people at once isn't for everyone.Sometimes, you just happen to be seeing a couple of people at once, or are actively trying to put yourself out there and meet as many people as possible and that's fine, too.Along the way, I met some not-so-great mates, ditched many bad first dates, had some fun flings, experienced extreme disappointment, and unexpectedly met current partners.With that said, I've collected all of these lessons and turned them into a set of suggestions, reminders, and tips worth sharing about navigating the many phases of dating.People have wonderful, meaningful experiences with people who were raised differently or felt differently about important issues.

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But if you aren't smiling and laughing together after a few weeks of dating and getting to know one another, take note.

There's also that one time a guy said he forgot his wallet really did just forget his wallet.

However, a nice gesture would be to at least pay for the first round if you were the one who planned the date.

I've even left a first date early because of it, and while it was awkward, since we didn't have the same expectations or feelings, it saved both of us some trouble. Plus, wouldn't you rather be adored for who you are, rather than the person you're presenting?

So, you may as well let them know who you are from the get-go.

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