Dating techniques for ceramics

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However artistically ambitious works at affordable prices were produced both in artist potters studios as well as in workshops and factories.Vallauris currentlly has a Kitsch Museum which displays thousands of ceramic items that reflect the creative output from the 50’s to the 70’s where audacious art was made for the tourist market by anonymous ceramicists expressing their flamboyance..Along with Picasso he contributed to the renaissance of ceramics in Vallauris.

The Massier family, a dynasty of potters dating back to before the French Revolution played a key role in the expansion of pottery innovation in Vallauris.Poodles, cicadas, domestic or exotic animals and other quirky creations populated a colourful universe.These were usually released under the ” Made In Vallauris ” label.Jean Gerbino worked in the early twentieth century at Massier and was installed as a craftsman from 1930.Cedric Massier is the latest and sole practitioner of the family art in Vallauris.

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