Dating sites for people with ocd

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I'm me - I can be anal retentive and I have OCD."I didn't ask any questions via text because I thought that could get awkward and cause misunderstandings because there's no way to tell tone/inflection in writing, so I figured I'd ask on the second date, the next day. He seems to know what he does that's ridiculous (he's obsessed with the maintenance of his car and the cars of his family, and I think also with his yard), but doesn't seem to think he comes across as nervous or awkward. Now, he finished college, and is employed full-time (has worked for his current employer for more than a decade).

Since then it's come to my attention that he lives at home. He's also washed his car three times this week, he's very concerned about acorns hitting it, and he's texted me ad nauseam about how he hit a pothole and is very concerned that he bent his rims (he actually sent a text asking me if he should obsess). I'm not generally a super sensitive person but I'm trying to be understanding without being fake, because he seems a good guy and I like him.

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I noticed a few odd things: he would ask me the same question several times, he would repeat what I'd say to him sometimes, when the waitress took his card to open up our tab, he mentioned over and over again how he just wanted his card back (I tried explaining how the whole "tab" thing works), and when the bill came, he did the math, and then was kind of staring at it/writing on it for a few minutes - long enough for me to wonder if he was one of those people who goes crazy itemizing bills or if he had some kind of brain injury keeping him from being able up figure out what 20% was.

I also noticed a few good things: he was very sweet and funny, his hygiene was impeccable, and he pointed out that he gets a haircut every nine days, otherwise he gets itchy.

Depending on his level and type of OCD and whether or not he is actively getting help will probably make a difference.

If you really like the guy then I would suggest reading up on OCD and maybe talking to him a bit about it, and then seeing if you can enjoy being around him and see the good things about him without being irritated by his OCD.

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