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I thought it was a load of hooey, but she was awesome, so it really didn't bother me. It really depends on every other factor, and whether you can look at her every time she brings this up I mean, how often does she bring this up?If on the other hand you see your worldviews as merely different and possibly complementary, it might work out well.Anecdotally, I know a couple that has been married 17 years.The woman is a practicing Shaman, believes in all of that "energy" stuff, very liberal etc she does have a different day job though-so she is also successful in the professional world.How does she feel about your "rationalist" perspective, does she find it intriguing or unnecessarily limited and uncreative? You have to ask yourself if you respect her beliefs.If the answer is no She was a bright, chipped, amazing girl to hang around, and we lasted 4 years.She has sometimes entertained the idea of there being some sort a psychic component, and I have learned to bite my tongue and silently recite the Shakespeare quote about there being more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in my philosophy.

She is very good, and can be shockingly correct in her judgment with very little information. Greg, a year-old writer, sets the bar a little lower: “I wouldn't date anyone who denied. old and so we are old enough to know that people have Experience with hippy/non-hippy dating? The music stuff doesn't really matter, though, honestly. It's another to be totally unable to talk about them--even if these are strongly held beliefs, if she really likes you, shouldn't she also respect your viewpoint on things? But I'm saying that you should be allowed to state your opinion.But the truth is that I cringed inside every time we went anywhere and he opened his mouth to start talking about that crap.I think for me, the reason it lasted so long was that he intimated to me when we started dating that his father died before he was born, and if he didn't believe in spiritual things, then he would have to admit that he would never know his father.

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