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Although I have not joined datingsitebuilder, and not one of them either, was reading reviews before signing up but realized some of the latest reviews just look like spam. I have paying CUSTOMERS that are getting ready to lose their access because the Dating Site Builder people will not respond to me. I have been keeping my eye on datingsitebuilder and I thought they only had , , 0, and Enterprise 0 per month service plans. The post also trying hard to recommend the guy "Josh". Payment Problems(I pay and they say it was not received, NOW still I have no access to my account after 2 months) next They raise the prices first buy .00 and now to 9.99 A month.

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I WAS interested in becoming a datesitebuilder customer but after reading these negative reviews I looked into this site deeper.

But the software has many bugs, does not run on PHP 5.5 and main features are missing. Because of them, I was able to save money and time. I recommend this to everyone who's interested to put up their own dating website.

Passwords are saved 1:1 into the database without any encryption. If you want to start a dating site, do not make the failure and spend your money on They have helped me start my very own dating website without the need to spend thousands of dollars and months of tedious development. -Joana I have been researching for a good dating software package for my new online venture.

Customer support- hmm slightly fast, they responded within 24 hours after I emailed them. Overall, I think I made a good deal with datingsitebuilder. They take your money as quick as they can but dont offer any support for their customers.

I bought the stand alone dating software for and thought to get a software that works for that price.

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