Dating single firemen cops

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(I’ll give you a tiny little hint, it’s this thing we call court). When little kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, a parent is usually near by telling them to say firefighter. Nothing says warmth and reassurance after you have been flipped around like a sardine than Always the bad guys us cops.

If these examples were not bad enough, the way they are portrayed on social media is almost unbearable.

The guy has been in and out all for drug charges, and she does not talk to him anymore. I have only been in law enforcement for a year and a half now and this was something I never even considered.

Nothing came of the date we had a good time but we just weren't into each other. Does anyone have any good stories about anything like this happening to them? I now know to ask more questions to my friends if they are trying to set me up with someone.

She then proceeds to tell me "Oh, you might know my babies daddy." I had a mini heart attack.

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She was was really cute from her pictures and i was told she was a great person so i agreed.If you were offended by this article or are a firefighter, I’m sorry.I am a Deputy that is currently working in the county jail.For some unknown reason, females are under the delusion that all firefighters are in essence male models with six pack abs and chiseled shoulders. It’s bad enough that you are objectifying men in such a callous and demeaning manner. Any task required of a firemen usually involves 6 to 10 of them working together for almost any job.If I see another group of half naked firemen show up on my feed rescuing a small kitten I will literally die. They can’t even get gas for their vehicles without half of a battalion present.

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