Dating silver hallmarks sheffield

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More Information » Upcycling isn’t just the practice of transforming old materials into useable objects, it is the process of breathing a new lease of life into well used and loved items to give them a new story and personality.

All this while at the same time creating something that is useful, functional and beautiful.

Our headquarters here at Guardian's Hall have been purpose-built to meet our needs, and those of our clients, exactly.The traditional method of marking is by hand punches, and is still the favoured method.The Oldest Form of Consumer Protection - A Brief History In an age where consumer protection and rights are a key concern for most present-day manufacturers it is fascinating to note that the hallmark is, in fact, one of the oldest forms of consumer protection that exists.Legal Requirement Section 11 of the Hallmarking Act 1973 requires: Dealers to exhibit notices as to hallmarks.(1) Any dealer shall keep exhibited at all times, in a conspicuous position in a part of his premises to which those with whom he deals are commonly admitted, a notice in terms approved and i...

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