Dating service contract act

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However, a group of district attorneys are against AB 314.They argued that it reduces consumer protections for online dating customers.Under the amended law, a customer has the right to cancel a dating service by midnight of the third business day after a day of purchasing the service.The customer has the option to cancel the service via mail, telegram, or delivery.For example, fiscal year contracts are unaffected by the Memo 214 increase until 1 Oct 13.

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He also stated that AB 314 does not modernize the Dating Service Contract Law.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a legislation that would update the state’s Dating Service Contract Act on Sunday.

The newly-enacted AB 314 will amend several provisions of the Dating Service Contract Act.

Furthermore, a customer may be relieved of payments for a dating service if he/she dies or become disabled.

The Internet Association and support the amendments in the Dating Service Contract Act.

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