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Hayley Quinn is a TEDx speaker, author and creator of her unique dating strategy.

She has appeared as an expert for The Telegraph, BBC, ITV, and channel 4.

Breaking the invisible barrier between the two of you is the quickest route towards escalating a relationship -but this path must be tread with caution.

Make the wrong move and you’ll likely find yourself ghosted.

Working out is simply a natural way to feel happier, bond with another, and stay fit. One of these is that of maintaining a stimulating conversation.

Perhaps it transports us back millennia to when we had to fend for our lives with out close-knit nomadic groups.

It may seem a bit odd, but researchers had emphatically found that moving together accelerates emotional bonds.

What message to send to her after the first date (detailed proven example messages included) The surprising reasons why she didn’t want a second date with you How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.

When and how should you suggest taking her home with you?

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    Dating a woman of childbearing age is also much more hassle than one who is over the age of 40 and maybe already has her own kids.

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    On a second date, Moore allegedly "took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes ... and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear".

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    Start chatting right now and you won't ever want to leave!