Dating scripts psychology

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But there are some problems with cultural-based scripts.They are often heteronormative (meaning that they focus on heterosexuality), when there are many people who are not heterosexual. The cultural scripts then are translated into interpersonal scripts as people interact with others.According to sexual script theory, our ideas and behaviors regarding sex are also written into a script.This script isn't literally written out in paper, but is given to us through society.In this case, the intrapersonal script has influenced her thoughts and emotions.To some people, the idea that men go after what they want in the bedroom, while women hesitate around sex, sounds pretty old-fashioned.

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Julie wonders if she's not going after what she wants in the bedroom because of sexual scripts.

To help her figure out if that's the reason, let's look at the key ideas in sexual script theory, as well as the development of scripts. As part of the play, Julie was given a script, which was just the play written down.

The internalization of a sexual script can have a powerful influence on a person.

For example, if Julie decides one night to initiate sex with her partner, she might feel guilty or think something is wrong with her because she's not acting like a typical girl.

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