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I travelled to the UK for studies in 2002 and was eager to meet Patrick again but he was no where to be found.

There are many things that show this case to be the sham it was and I know that many bacteria that call themselves people of position have contributed to this case being dismissed as unknown.

I’m not a religious person or even a spiritual one but I hope to god karma has the slight possibility of reaping retribution I as his son will never be able to obtain justice for what’s happened but I hope that this tragedy does not befall anybody else and that hopefully those of us that have dealt with this come to peace with the fact our loved ones will live on in us and the lives that we lead.

I attended Ugandan parties and visited happening Ugandan clubs hoping to meet Patrick but to no avail.

This was very strange to me because I knew Patrick as an outgoing person. Then out of the blue a mutual friend of ours called me with the sad news that he had chances upon this list with Patrick listed as having hanged himself at Wandsworth Prison. It took a while to sink in that my best friend was gone.

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