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Shaun delivers the exact same speech, word for word, about how his pet bunny's and brother's deaths inspired him to be a doctor, which finally persuades the board to give him a chance.

No One Loves Pancakes More Than 's Shaun Murphy There are flashbacks to both of those aforementioned deaths in the Korean version as well, along with the abusive childhood and bullying Shi-on suffered at the hands of his father and other kids, respectively.

One very American-esque tweak is a post-coital hospital scene between Claire (Antonia Thomas) and Kalu (Chuku Modu) in the pilot; there is no such hookup in the Korean one (K-dramas are also far more modest). Bonaventure is a general teaching hospital, paving the way for Shaun to treat a greater variety of patients and cases.

In ABC's adaptation, Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), Shaun's boss, starts warming to him a little more quickly over a handful of episodes, even allowing him to scrub into surgery at the end of the pilot unlike in the Korean version.

It's plot points like that that moves the American along at a faster pace — nevermind the fact that its 18-episode first season will come two episodes shy of matching the Korean version's entire run.

The action — from the chaotic procedures to the dialogue and editing — operates at a quick clip, creating a sense of urgency, versus the slow, steady stride of the mothership, which, like most K-dramas, lets the scenes and emotions marinate to draw you in.

(Korean shows also run a full hour, so they have the luxury to breathe more.)Dr.

has deviated completely from the Korean version, as Shore had always planned.

is taking its time with Shaun's character development, punctuated with his recent abrupt declaration to Glassman: "I don't want love."Shaun says that after explaining that he doesn't love his younger brother Steve or his pet bunny anymore because they're both dead. In the Korean version, Shi-on's brother, Yi-on, is older and died in a mine Shi-on wanted to go into versus Steve's accidental fall off an old train car. The biggest and most glaring difference between the two shows is the Bunny Death. Secondly, unlike Shaun's dad's savage grab and no-look toss of the bunny against the wall, as if it's some dirty towel his wife is asking him to give her to wash, Shi-on's raging pops throws the bunny while it's still in its cage.

They're both equally upsetting, but if you ask us, Shi-on's bunny could've probably survived in the cage.

And in a huge development for Shaun, he lets Lea hug him after he tells her had made a mistake that day.

Here's where things get really different: Shi-on and Yoon-seo later start dating and, by the series finale, are totally serious and eventually live together.

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