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In real life, you're getting to know the real version of someone.

It definitely widens your selection on dating apps.Some think that to truly get to know someone, you have to meet them in person and get to know the raw version of them.Online, it's much easier to act like someone you aren't, and simply delete the things you write in a text message that you don't think are witty or clever before sending it.For example, there are sites for various demographic groups, as well as sites for people with particular interests and people of like minds tend to use similar sites.Previous research has shown repeatedly that people are more attracted to others who are similar to themselves, and therefore in visiting dating sites catering for their common interests, people are more likely to meet others who are similar to themselves and are therefore more likely to become attracted. Taking the time to get to know someone In Baker's study, the couples who married after meeting on the Internet had interacted online for two months or longer before meeting face to face.

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