Dating light cords

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It is a way of speaking that is needed, however, in order to trace the paths of this kind of current in a wiring system.

If nothing else, the following definitions will at least let you see what I mean by them. Here then is a glossary of home electrical terms related to troubleshooting: 110 220 Appliance Arcing AFCI Breaker Busbar Cable Circuit Common Current Device Dimmer Electricity Fixture Fuse Fusebox Gang GFI/GFCI Ground Grd-fault Hot Jumper Junction Line/load Neutral Open Outlet Overload Panel Phantom Pigtail Recept.

The actual or intended path of current between points of differing voltage.

In the case of a household 120 volt circuit, the path is between a hot wire at the breaker and a neutral wire connected to the grounded neutral bar in the panel.

Instead, in the case of 120-volt power, we tend to say that the power company is providing electricity that will flow "to" their neutral wire "from" hot wire.

This directional talk can be misleading, since the actual electrons are moving back and forth sixty times per second.

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