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“Letting the wind push you from anchorage to anchorage leaves you with a sense of absolute freedom,” he said in an email. The service is free, and there’s little advertising.“Knowing that I am replicating this experience for others is by far payment enough,” he said.“We hope to continue our free service no matter how busy we get, so people can essentially hitchhike their way around the world.”His life now is more settled (wife, Anita; son, Axer; dog, Archie; plus a job as an IT engineer for a bank), but he draws satisfaction from helping others.He knows this universe because he lived in it for a time.There are a couple of kinds of match-ups that can happen, he said: A crew member might catch on, as he once did, to a gig on a vessel, paying a bit of money each day for the privilege of being on a boat that visits some cool places.You won’t get tossed around in a storm — at least, not the way you would on a yacht that’s dwarfed by today’s behemoth cruise ships. But there’s little adventure on board those behemoths, which is OK unless you harbor a fantasy about running away to sea. Several cruise lines sail from Southern California to the islands (usually stopping at a foreign port to satisfy maritime law).

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Instead of being paid for his work (which sometimes involved cooking, making the “punch” each night, a bit of vessel upkeep and the occasional watch) he was paid about 10 euros a day (about U.

You’ll find such sites as Find ACrew ( whose website says it “matches and connects boat owners and representatives directly online with crew from anywhere to anywhere in the world”; Cruisers, which offers, besides its matchmaking service, encyclopedic information about boats and the business of boats; and, a site that was born so Ollie Wells, its founder, could share his love of sailing and help link those in need of jobs with those who have them.

Wells gave me a look inside this world, foreign to me but a kind of home to him.

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