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The top 5% of guys will get I'm an attractive young white guy living in Bangkok.

Yes I get a ton of matches on Tinder, however getting them to actually meet in person is not that easy.

I go away for 5 years and my favourite bar has exactly the same food menu and the same Singha draught served from the same beer glasses. But I swear one of the customers I saw last night was also a customer when I was there 5 years ago. As to dating, well I'm not here too long but I'll give it a go. It's around £32 for a month's membership which isn't bad I guess.

I tried Thai Friendly and Date In Asia before but neither gave me as many dates as Thai Cupid did. For that you get less shows and less entertainment than you got 5 years ago.

I don't expect to change many people's minds here but that is all just the truth.

Scroll down a bit to see a graph to see what is going on (Thailand is probably somewhat better than this but still the difference is huge): TLDR Of the graph: You are at a disadvantage to girls on tinder until you're the top 5-10% of guys.

Difference is that I can actually afford splurging money in Thailand3 none of the girls directly implied sex, although one agreed to meet me in phuket, so it's implied she can stay with me on the hotel This advice is completely off.

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I think generally that Bangkok appears to have been cleaned up somewhat.Once you're approved then you'll be free to post and ask questions about finding love in Asia.On this forum we cover Asian dating, which countries are best for dating and dating ladyboys.We also cover visiting Asia and even living there on a longer term basis. But it was a hell hole, and after 4 months I baled out and went for a 2 week vacation to Bangkok.Xiongmao Here's an updated trip report to Bangkok, Thailand. What I saw impressed me so much that I quickly decided to extend my stay.

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