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After a while she might think that you are just mechanically spitting out questions and not listening to her response, but the point of the questions is to weed out the girls without potential, so just move on to the next question.Questions should include but are not limited to, where she is from, how many kids she wants, what she likes to do in her free time, what else she likes to do in her free time, what else she likes to do in her free time when those other two options aren’t available (make sure that her answers are all, adrenalin filled, outgoing, skill required activities, you don’t want a girl who just likes to read in her spare time! Overall, use this date as a time to get to know exactly who the girl you are dating is even if that doesn’t allow her to know you well at all.If the first activity goes well and you feel like she is worth your valuable time, you could offer to continue the date by getting food or ice cream at the BYU Creamery.The idea of the date is to spend as little money as possible while being somewhere that lets you get to know her a little better, which brings us to our next important point.Bonus points to you if you were worthy enough to serve foreign speaking.

No matter which route you take, make sure to play it cool, but never take no for an answer!

A Provo All-Star is a guy who works for Vivant or does summer sells.

If you are lucky enough to consider yourself one, you have to make sure everyone knows!

All you need is one fool proof first date plan, and you’re set for the semester!

No girl has to know how many others have gone on this exact same date with you before her, even if it was just the night before.

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