Dating holidays for single people

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Reaching any goal requires making consistent effort, and dating is no exception.Especially during the holidays when your social calendar is overflowing with to-do’s, your time can seem even more precious than ever.You’re bound to come into contact with people you would otherwise not normally see or meet, as well as have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.That means you should say “yes” to invitations so that you can meet new people.The biggest mistake I see people make — and I've done this myself — is panicking as December quietly approaches and looking to cuddle up to the first warm body in sight.Acting in a state of desperation is never going to get you anywhere and will probably leave you feeling worse about being single than you did before you tried to get said warm body on lockdown.Putting yourself in new situations will automatically introduce you to new people that you wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.The holidays are a great time to get involved and give back — why not spend an afternoon volunteering at your local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or charity drive?

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Offering a variety of handpicked holidays designed to help you discover the world independently, it’s a great way to discover likeminded people and meet lots of travellers who are in a similar position to yourself.A short-term fling with someone who shares your hobbies?A committed but non-monogamous partner to Netflix and chill with?Create an explicit goal for yourself and use this as a filter for all of your dating prospects and experiences.That way, you can express your needs and avoid pursuing someone who wants a completely different type of experience than you do. Anything you make time for becomes a lot easier to do.

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