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The guard is attached with a screw into a tapped hole in the blade exactly as in the Henson's design.. Razors based on the Monks and Fontaine patents were made or sold by the American Safety Razor Co., (at right), John Watts (England), and The Kampfe brothers, Frederick (c.1851-1915), Richard (1853-1906), and Otto F.

for whatever reason i never got caught up dating micromatics like i do with gillettes, i've always assumed (based on nothing) that the tapered handle micros came after the non tapered handle ones- their production may very well have over lapped.On January 10, 1847, William Samuel Henson of Somerset, England filed for a patent showing a detachable comb tooth guard for a straight folding razor and another razor employing a similar guard “…the cutting blade which of which is at right angles with the handle, and resembles somewhat the form of a common hoe.” The handle was attached by screwing it into a tapped hole in a short forged blade.This may have been first patent for a hoe-type guard razor and one of the first razors to use a short section of a straight razor as a blade.I'd also imagine that if you have a "clog proof" version than it's a later manufacture than ones that are not....all just my umptions edit- i searched "micromatic" by brand name myself and got 2 pages of results, clicking on 2 non tapered ones stated a manufacturing date of 1929 for a regular and 1941 for a clog proof. I went to the Collectors Encyclopedia as you suggested and saw the info you gave me.

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