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Huston envisioned a dark story that would emphasize the Holocaust parallel in Nero’s persecution of the early Christians.

With Gregory Peck and Elizabeth Taylor cast in leading roles, Huston and producer Arthur Hornblow Jr. The director often recounted the bizarre episode when Mayer summoned Huston to his home one Sunday morning, sang Yiddish songs for him, and (according to Huston) actually fell on his knees to kiss the director’s hands and beg him to make a more sentimental and family-friendly movie. 54–68), the Sienkiewicz original focused on a cynical imperial courtier, Petronius, and his military friend, Marcus Vinicius, whose love for the imperial hostage Lygia (a ward of the state) brings him into contact with the feared and misunderstood underground sect called Christians—and into possible competition with the dangerous emperor and his lustful empress, Poppaea.

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Strong narratives with deep communal appeal offer one obvious explanation for this affinity—and the material was freely available in the public domain.

”) comes from the Gospel of John (Chapter 13, recounting the Last Supper), where Peter asks Jesus where he is going and Jesus answers, “Where I am going, you cannot follow me now, but you shall follow me afterward.” There the remark presages both Peter’s nocturnal denial and his eventual martyrdom decades later.

Sienkiewicz puts the question into Peter’s mouth in an entirely different episode: Fleeing Rome on the Appian Way, Peter experiences a mystical encounter with Christ.

The opportunity to recreate a past age amid lavish visual pageantry was a natural for the cinema.

So, it must be admitted, was the opportunity to present (with guaranteed church approval) stories tinged with sex and violence.

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