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There are things we can’t process alone, even if we have ample courage to face them.

There are things we go through in relationships, single girls, that don’t make sense and cannot be understood without support from others.

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7 Signs You’re Ready For Love Again Single boys and men, listen up: are you ready and open for love again?

Your wounds are no longer raw and you don’t feel bitterness or resentment at someone “having” what you think you want but don’t have. When looking at other couples, whether they’re still in the dating phase or they’ve been together for ages, you can see what works and what doesn’t.

This could be in the form of incorporating a daily meditation practice, starting to see a therapist once a week or engaging in some art therapy.

No matter your form of release, we all need a system external to us that we can rely on.

This is especially important if you haven’t had good role models for relationships growing up.

And finally, once you’ve gone through all checkpoints, the last one is a culmination of them all: by being with yourself, by processing and by reaching out and taking support from friends, you have gained perspective on where it all went “wrong”.

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