Dating emotionally unavailable guy

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A guy who’s 100% emotionally available will never sabotage his date by discussing other women.

He takes one step backward every time you get close.

Emotionally unavailable guys are often too bored or tired to go out.

Instead, they’ll invite you to their place to watch a movie together, which might be fun if the sexual chemistry is there.

The truth is it may increase momentarily his interest, but it doesn’t increase his emotional availability, which is what matters the most. When you are on a date you want to feel that the guys’s attention is on you.During the beginning stages of dating, you haven’t reached the level of intimacy to call each other by nicknames, so saying your name is part of him acknowledging your existence in his life. They don’t even try to lie in a convincing way because that would take effort and emotional intelligence, and they don’t have the time for all that. You always stick to a pre-arranged plan when you go out.A guy who never says your name isn’t ready for emotional intimacy. He doesn’t pay you any compliments or he trivializes your achievements by not responding to them in a positive way even though he likes to go on and on about how great his own life is. He never “wastes” time just hanging out with you and he makes it appear like his time is too precious to do something that requites spontaneity.Truth be told if you are going to have a sustainable and healthy relationship you need it to be with someone who is emotionally available to you.All you have to do is give it some time and stop pushing.

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