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The first step is to look for a country-of-origin marking, such as “Germany.” Such a marking generally indicates a date of manufacture after 1890, as country-of-origin markings became the norm to comply with American trade-tariff laws put in force in 1891.

With the United States being the largest growing market during that period, most European makers were very quick to comply.

While not a hard and fast rule, it is one way to separate the earlier cabinet plates from the turn-of-the-century varieties.

The second step is to look at the company markings.

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But professionals always use due diligence and follow their own protocol to verify their first impressions.The process of identifying any item examined by an appraiser is based on a number of identifiers.In the case of pottery and porcelain, it often involves looking for manufacturing and company markings, many of which are well documented and some with only the barest of references. The plate in the first image is what’s generally referred to as a “cabinet plate,” meant for as a decorative display piece rather than for regular use.When we examine the marking on our demonstration plate we see it does have a country-of-origin marking, indicating a date post-1890.Checking reference sources such as Worthpoint’s marks library, we find this mark was used by the Richard Klemm Decorating Studio, whose decorating style was similar to that of the Meissen.

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