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In Sri Lanka, the cyclone caused massive flooding and landslides, and in Burma it resulted in over 100,000 deaths.

Overall, 150,000 people died in the cyclone and its aftermath, 50,000 went missing, and the nations incurred a billion damages bill.

The guide is updated every five years and is the unique globally accepted standard for DVI protocols.

Member countries can call on INTERPOL for DVI assistance following a disaster.

From my battle with the BRCA2 gene and undergoing a double mastectomy to dealing with the challenges of being a single parent raising a millennial child, I take it all in with humor, humility, and a lot of begging God to get me through it.

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A coordinated effort by the international community can significantly speed up the recovery and identification process, helping victims’ families to begin the healing process and societies to rebuild.

Following a terrorism incident, DVI procedures can also help investigators identify possible attackers.

In 1984, INTERPOL produced the first Guide to Disaster Victim Identification.

We can help them with: INTERPOL’s DVI activities are supported by a Working Group on Disaster Victim Identification which is made up of forensic and police experts from around the world.

It meets regularly to discuss how DVI procedures and standards can be improved and to help develop training programmes.

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