Dating direct affiliate programme

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However, each option has pros and cons and which you choose is entirely up to you.

If you decide on a public affiliate program then you are likely going to want to have things like an affiliate ‘sales page’ on your website that tells people of the benefits of your program and what they are promoting.

It’s important to remember though that setting up an affiliate program isn’t a quick and easy path to riches.

It’s a long term strategy that can take time to bear fruit.

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So, in this post we’re going to take a look at some of the key things you should consider when planning an affiliate program for your membership site.When looking at different ways to promote your membership site, an affiliate program can be a pretty appealing option.Afterall, it’s one of the few marketing channels where you don’t have to spend any money until you’re actually making money!Your program could be: I’m personally a fan of the members only option for membership sites and this is what we actually use for the Membership Academy.This approach increases the likelihood of attracting new members who are a good fit for your site, as your affiliates have experienced your site themselves so are better placed to describe your site accurately and know who it is best suited for.

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