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It also sponsors Speed Dating and other non-virtual dating events.Beshert focuses on traditional matchmaking to make a Jewish love connection. In observant Jewish families, it's important for the children to marry people who are also Jewish.Very traditional Jews don't touch or shake hands with members of the opposite sex unless they are close family members.

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Some rabbis won't even perform a marriage between a Jewish person and a non-Jew.Casual dating is generally not heard of in the world of religious Judaism; marriage is always the end goal.ENGAGEMENT CONTRACT Dating Jewish men and women who are looking for a lifemate can learn all about what will take place before and after a wedding.J Singles allows you to search for friendships and dating candidates right in your community. Even in less observant families, parents who don't pay much attention to religion often find themselves wanting their children to marry within the faith.Many feel that a Jewish marriage helps guarantee this ancient religion will continue.

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