Dating client ethical

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If the relationship ends badly at a later date, the client may finally realize that you took advantage of them when they were in a vulnerable state and try to sue you or put claims against your license for inappropriate behavior and ethical violations.

If you as the massage therapist find yourself falling in love with your client in a way that you want to date them you need to get professional help and figure out what you are doing to create that situation.

“I wanted her to think through it in a 360-degree way, all the way around, not just get caught up in the moment of inviting everyone,” says Oswalt, a member of the American Counseling Association.

After reconsidering the situation, the client decided it would be wiser not to have Oswalt attend the graduation.

But she also knew the ethically “correct” answer could only be reached by weighing the best interests of her client.

So, when the client came in for her next session, Oswalt, a career counselor with a private practice in Birmingham, Ala., opened the discussion by addressing the situation.

Massage therapists work in such isolation that it is easy to fall into the trap of becoming friends with clients and telling them your problems.People who come in weekly for massage sessions for a long period of time also provides time to get to know clients.Patrice Hinton Oswalt was flattered upon opening her e-mail and finding an Evite to a client’s long-awaited graduation.When there is a client paying money for a service and one person is the health care provider or a person trained in something like massage therapy – it creates a power differential.The main focus of your massage sessions should be about meeting the needs of the client and NOT your needs to be liked or even loved.

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