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Script writing is the fun part of video production. And if you get stuck, just remember this script only has two columns.

How hard can it be to fill out a script template with just two columns?

The visuals and narrative will come during the storyboarding process, but for now, focus on the message. If your video is for corporate lawyers, use legal terms and jargon.

A great way to fill that first audio box in the template is to ask yourself, “What do I want viewers to learn when they watch this video? If your video promotes a foodie-centric dating app, describe the user experience like the main course of a feast.

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Don’t try to reinvent the wheel—this script doesn’t have to win any awards.Your script shouldn’t pander to your target audience, but you should always speak in terms they can understand. Just open up this template, bang the keys, and keep an eye out for any good images, story-lines, or metaphors that suit your brand and explain your product. Heck, some great explainer videos don’t even need any voiceover, so your script writing job just got a little easier.As more people watch video on mobile devices, on-screen text and clear animation are becoming the go-to ways to “show” your customers what you’re all about.Your explainer video just needs to communicate to and engage with your target audience. Use this free script template, tell your story, and make your video.Cliche images—like how a light bulb means “idea”—are around for a reason. A 15-second video doesn’t have a lot of time to get the point across. If you try to skip past the awkward initial brainstorming phase, the final video will suffer. If you made it this far and you like downloading free resources, you’ll love our free e Book, 3 Universal Lessons From The Life Of Richard Williams The Ultimate Video Post-Production Checklist The State Of Social Video: Updates And Trends For 2019Ask An Expert: Can B2B Marketers Succeed With Facebook Video?

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