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When the company was in its heyday as the world's largest typewriter manufacturer, its factory at Hartford, Connecticut was turning out typewriters at the rate of one each minute.Underwood started adding addition and subtraction devices to their typewriters in about 1910.From 1874, the Underwood family made typewriter ribbon and carbon paper, and were among a number of firms who produced these goods for Remington.When Remington decided to start producing ribbons themselves, the Underwoods opted to manufacture typewriters.Under the Free Issue Barrel Program, barrels were sent to other prime manufacturers who did not possess the machines to make barrels.It is thought that they made about 1 million barrels from late 1942 to late 1944.

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Often, Underwood would have a young woman sitting on each of the large keys.

So while you can pretty easily get a vintage typewriter that looks fine, it may contain mechanical flaws that have to be repaired by professionals.

At my, every typewriter we sell is not only physically beautiful, but also precision-restored to its best possible operation.

But a huge selection isn't the only reason to buy from us.

Although the Internet has made the task of acquiring an antique as easy as purchasing a book online, there are very few places that specialize in restored vintage typewriters.

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