Dating after bilateral mastectomy

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I hope that both of you can see that this was just a bad moment that life has delt and you can be close again.Best wishes Jan 25, 2015 PM Dr V wrote: As a young husband (30 when my wife was diagnosed) who has been at this for 3 and a half years i can say that for everybody the response will be different.

Seriously, the last time we had sex was in the hotel room next to the hospital the night before my mastectomy. He showered me after MX and helped with drains so the scars weren't new to him.I think that men are really left out to dry on all this and we are not prepared at all for any of it.You do need to talk directly to him though if you want things to improve.It will not be good for your kids to live with an elephant in the closet forever.Jan 26, 2015 AM Moderators wrote: Welcome to Dr V, and thanks for sharing your opinion and experience!

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