Dating a woman with small children

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I was Momma bear to those cubs all summer while my girlfriend went to work and sexually harassed her secretary (in my head). Your own body trains you to take care of those kids.You can’t just switch back to smashing the ladies at six o’clock. Avoid pretending it’s not happening or you’ll lose it all anyhow and end up a single, heartbroken, and down a quart of testosterone growing man tits.

From day one, I decided three things and followed through on two.

You're going to fail, but if you put the welfare of the kids you're raising before your relationship, the damage won't be so bad.

Of course, Mom needs love and attention too; balancing what everyone needs separately is hard.

Still, those first three years took three years to repair. She knows I dislike him, but not that I’ve planned his murder every day for five years now.

Also, it’s good manners to not share your thoughts on biological parents. He's a useless parasite twisting a girl's heart because he felt the need to mark his territory, never pays child support, and never spends visitations with her.

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