Dating a nice guy no chemistry amber marshall and graham wardle dating in real life

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We've had one date so far and are still speaking, but I didn't feel that chemistry or attraction...

During our date, he didn't focus on me much at all which I wasn't used to on a date before.

This is the first nice man I've met in a very long time and it just really makes me sad that our date didn't make me feel a certain way for him because I was hoping to like him a lot.

Based off how things looks so far, it may be yet another disappointment because chemistry is important to me and I didn't experience it on our first date.

Or even had a boring date but decided to see where it went and it ended up well for them?

I can't help really wishing I had that excited chemistry feeling, but on another hand, I don't know whether I should even trust chemistry anymore because the men I feel high chemistry with, end up being moronic.

I've been dating for over two yrs since my last immature ex bf and it has been so discouraging and depressing.

I really just want to meet a nice, normal man who I feel something for and he feels something for me and I was hoping for that chemistry or spark...

I need advice on whether/how to tell a guy that I'm not attracted to him.

In general, in life, it usually takes me meeting someone a few times before I know whether I'm attracted to them; it's very rare that this hits me right away.

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