Dating a mommas boy

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She always says something like, “It’s so good to hear your little voice.” I’m twenty-five, and she still wants to call me her little lamb.’” Somehow he senses that proximity to his mother endangers his masculine journey as though he might be sucked back in. Ryan was my bashful child and we had to work with him to overcome it.

I recall a time when we came to a standoff over his bashfulness.

They simply know that they do not want to be close to them; they rarely call.

As my friend Dave confessed, ‘I hate calling my mom.

I knew I was going to be okay when one day I pulled up in front of my house to find him (sixteen years old at the time) rolling down our steep one-hundred-foot driveway on an old office chair he had discovered in the garage.

As if that wasn’t enough to cause me to grab my heart, at the bottom of the driveway was a skateboard ramp with a pile of cardboard boxes on the other side, no doubt to cushion the blow.

He could cheat on you with a dozen women and it would still be your fault. They’d gone out shopping and chosen all their own furniture.I speak from experience because my own Dad was a Momma’s boy.I remember going to Grandmother’s house during the summer, and she geared everything around him.I kept my cool and firmly told him that he would have to walk…the entire 6.9 miles. Mamas love their boys, but at the same time, we do not want to raise a mama’s boy.Even knowing that though, it’s still hard not to coddle or rush to the rescue of our sons. Here are 3 great tips to avoid raising a mama’s boy by author Vicki Courtney. Tell a young boy not to play war games and he will still figure out how to fashion a weapon from a stick on the ground or a celery stalk in his lunch box.

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