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The guitars from that very “Squier Series” are official and genuine Fender guitars like any mexican made Fender guitar regardless, and if you have a mexican made Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster or Precision Bass with a black label and a serial number beginning with MN3, MN4, MN5, MN6, MN7 or MN8, you have a genuine Fender guitar – with or without a small “Squier Series” label."Before reading that, I had acquired one of the black label "squier series" models with an MN5...... If it isn't as good as my two "regular" MIM strats, it's very close.

Here's mine; Well I can only tell you from my Experience.

Gonna switch out electronics am looking forward to gigging this bass.

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These guitars did not have the additional “Squier Series” label and were called the “Traditional Series”, which was stated nowhere on the headstock but the guitars were listed, advertised and sold as such.

But when I got it it was sitting next to a MIM tele 60th anv.

The only difference that I could find was the top loading bridge on the one I got and the string through body on the other and the older tuners on the Squier series.

Usually, Squier is to Fender what Epiphone is to Gibson.

In this very case, the use of the name “Squier” had nothing to do with the actual Squier brand, as the series was named “Squier Series”, but it was by all means a Fender series, not a Squier series. The regular mexican “Standard” series was available too at the time, but it already featured the same silver-ish logo that is still used for it today.

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