Dating 16 year old girl

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I'm really into this girl, I'm 20 and she recently told me that she is 16, which hit me pretty hard. I'm 22 and also in the UK and that's my perception.

My boyfriends were all 1-3 years older then me all through high school. I wouldn't want to out the other kid on the specific relationship..I would want to make sure the other parents are comfortable with it. I think that a call between parents is in order...maybe just a quick, "Hi, I think our kids are becoming good friends and I think we should be on the same page." You don't even have to say they're dating, but if I were uncomfortable with a pairing (I haven't been so far) with my teen...My guess is that he will get fed up with the limitations and inevitable maturity gap and find dating a girl his age a lot more appealing.First, check the statutorily rape laws where you live, you don’t want to find out the hard way that if they make a mistake and sleep together, he will be going away to jail.

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