Data bsnl in not updating internet dating taboo

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If data in BSNL website is not up to date, you will get non finalized data.

From 1st to 5 th of every month, BSNL sites are totally unreliable as they are used for billing purposes than updating user details. You can also test your speed on the link given above.

If you are a new user, your usage details may not appear for about 2 weeks. If your IP starts with, options other than option 3 may not work for you.

hello friends u have already seen my previous post on how to check BSNL broadband balance here is the updated list i have also recently taken a BSNL 250 plan bcoz i am also net user,so start the story Unless you use an unlimited plan, your bill will be based on your usage data as recorded by BSNL. It also provides a Dialup Connection and disconnection scheduler for Night Unlimited Plans.

If we use more than the allowed limit, we need to pay extra for this usage.

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