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She not only danced for her but also started licking her top part of her boobs which made all the guys in that room drool.

I could swear you could smell the testosterone in the air!

It was ok, I mean people were drinkin' and there were some good tunes playin' and everyone was relaxed and having fun.

But it wasn't good enough as I wanted to make it a 'fun' party for my girlfriend especially. My girlfriend looked at me and said, "aren't there enough cute girls here for ya? All the guys said, "ohhhhhhhh" as if I'd just been burned.

After taking the cash Gina again danced in front of the room topless for awhile not knowing exactly where to go from here and then the guys quickly chimed in , "Lose it all! " - meaning take off her bottom shorts - and within seconds we all were chanting it.

Well, if she’s not that useful as a secretary, he’ll go ahead and find another use for her at his studio if she wants to keep her much needed job – and he will make sure her colleagues are there to witness what happens when somebody screws up at his office! She’s actually so shy and reluctant that [spoiler] she won’t go all the way – but you still get to see more of her than she had shown on that magazine cover.

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" So then the girls jump up and all start to "mock-strip" for fun. Everyone started cheering her on and the combination of the alcohol and peer pressure kept her going until she reached the point of no return!!!

They start dancing sexy around the guys as if they will strip but then sit down again. Gina's always been the wild one of the group and is the least shy so it wasn't that surprising that she was still up there dancing.

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