Danielle panabaker jared padalecki dating

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There are strange straight women who get off seeing two goodlooking men get it on, then write their stupid slash stories.

Then of course there were the infamous Prancing Ponies of LOTR.

Jensen is just doing a few talk shows."There really has not been any reason for them to appear together, in public.

Lots of pictures of them together, but not touchy-feely."This is a good valid point against the idea that the Jared-Jensen connection is a PR stunt. R27 Why would actors make up something as innocuous as an observation that Jared and Jensen text each other a lot?

In other words, NFW, would Jared always be saying such blatant...'we're fucking each other's brains out', stuff, if they really were. I understand that they would do something to hide their relationship (if they are "together"), but I don't think they're making it so obvious as you state.

In this extraordinarily competitive market, it's contrived to attract a certain percentage of the population who has a tendency to go batshit crazy and psycho for this shit in order to get the word about the show out. Speaking of evil spirits, it's actually a stroke of evil genius and who else better to deliver than the creator of show about the inner workings of evil spirits, however, as they become more and more well-known, this relationship they have will tone down to nothing as it is already starting too. Jared and Jensen are less touchy lately, since they live together you can hardly see pictures of them hugging or touching. Like they moved on to a different kind of relationship (may be more open in private and less in public). That's because they don't need to rely on the touchy feely stuff any more."Then, when mission accomplished, "Hollywood" pulls the rug right out from underneath all the poor, pathetics who believe this shit."There are a lot of fangirls who bought and loved the Brian/Justin QAF love story as real.

Their sexuality is gonna be associated around pretty much everything, people are gonna questions their actions and reasoning for doing certain things. Which is kind of ridiculous, considering they are separate from their characters, but not everyone thinks that way.The thing that cements this couple's togetherness is their willingness to let individual concerns take a back seat to what is right for the relationship. We have similar interests and similar hobbies, and we're both pretty laid-back guys. We like to work on our characters and like to have a good time and like to keep the mood on the set fun. All the midwestern frau's having heart attacks will be felt across the globe. Jensen Ackles "I don't know what are you telling this story!! -yeah, the eyelash story about getting touchy in public.And we just got we just clicked," says Jared Padalecki."Jared and I are lucky to get along so well without having any effort to make. Since they do it all the time in private, Jensen forgot they were at a restaurant.Jared and Jensen work together 5 days a week, go home together, go out together weekdays and weekends (this pic is from a mall in Seattle)Well, I think it's an awesome relationship (whatever it is), because I never wanted (or felt the need) to go everywhere with my coworker, and don't even spend that much time with my best friends.So, if you meet someone and you are confortable enough to spend 24/7 with him/her, well, that's awesome.

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