Daniel henney dating gwyneth paltrow

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Henney played an Italian, an Irishman, Happy in “Death of a Salesman.” He also auditioned for parts on TV’s “The O.

He is hoping that the role in “My Father” will expand his resume enough to tweak more serious interest in Hollywood.

“I grew up in a rural area,” he says, shrugging at the memory.

“You get your racism there.”His first ambition was to play basketball, and he was good enough that scholarships helped him chase that dream through three colleges.

He moved to the big screen last year in “Seducing Mr. Robin” in English), a, yes, comedy about love in a Seoul office.

The movie was released last Christmas, and by then Henney was such a phenomenon that the opening was hyped as a head-to-head showdown against Rain, the Korean mega-pop star who was making his movie debut in “I’m a Cyborg.” (Instead, both films did good but unspectacular business, blown out of the water by a goofy comedy about plastic surgery, “200 Pound Beauty.”)“My Father” is Henney’s attempt to break the typecasting. But this time, the subject matter is raw: an exploration not only of family ties but of his character’s emerging awareness of his Korean identity.“At times I think the movie was above my abilities,” says Henney. I poured my heart into it, but there were scenes that really pushed the limits of human emotion.” The producers are also hoping the adoption theme will resonate in a country that was once the largest exporter of orphans to the United States, and remains the world’s fourth largest provider of adopted children.

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