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It’s a bit like asking for permission in ancient times, and people in the Czech Republic still keep this tradition.

It doesn’t have to be super formal, but you should look serious so that her parents feel their daughter will have a happy life with you.

Czech women have dazzled Western men with their exotic beauty since the early 1990s when the country gained independence.

With its 1.3 million inhabitants, Prague is the political, cultural and educational center of the Czech Republic.

While feminine, Czech women are strong-willed and determined.

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Here is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to dating women in the Czech Republic: Once you have asked your Czech girlfriend to marry you, you still need to tell her parents about it when you are having dinner at their place.The profiles of our Czech Ladies are a sample of the thousands we have registered seeking foreign relationships.Indeed, according to our general standards, Czech women are generally more beautiful.If you’re a guy who likes a pretty face with a pair of eyes that really stand out, this is the place you want to be in Central Europe.That brings us to our next point Czech girls have faces that strike a balance between Slavic looks and western European traits.

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