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The human primordial need and desire for sex is nowadays often satisfied in the cyberspace, bringing sex at the top of internet search results.Importantly, a percentage between 50-60% of internet visits is of sexual intent and pleasure,...

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Narcissism was related to higher social media use; Machiavellianism was related to higher online gaming, online sex, and online gambling; sadism was related to online sex; and spitefulness was associated with online sex, online gambling, and online shopping.By adding touch to images and sounds, the machine they invented didn’t just change male sexual pleasure—it also transformed the labor involved in the production of male orgasms.Der Text analysiert die Transformationen des Sexuellen, die sich durch die Ausbreitung von Sexspielzeug und Cybersex ergeben.Finally, Machiavellianism and spitefulness were directly and indirectly associated with PIU via online gambling, online gaming, and online shopping, and narcissism was indirectly associated with PIU through social media use.Discussion: Findings of this preliminary study show that individuals high in dark personality traits may be more vulnerable in developing problematic online use and that further research is warranted to examine the associations of dark personality traits with specific types of problematic online activities.

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