Cuba dating site man and women

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In one case, a foreigner spent ,000 on a Cuban woman in just two weeks, he said.“Meanwhile, she slept with at least three of his friends, got a job at a casino and dumped him,” the diplomat said.A few months after their marriage, the woman stole his car and abandoned him, he alleged in the letter, which was taken off the bulletin board after it was cited in a Reuters dispatch. Yuneisy Pérez, 29, married a Mexican man only to find out he already had a wife.“I knew he had children, but I didn’t know he was still married to their mother,” she said.“I ended up living in an apartment he rented for me in Mexico, but he seldom slept there.After almost a year, I fled and moved in with a Mexican family.

Instead, she said he broke up with her even though “I’m still in love with him.” Of course, these things go both ways.

Foreign diplomats who grant travel visas to couples say differences in customs, language and age can lead to trouble. When am I ever going to have a woman who’s 20 again?

’ So they get married,” said a European diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. Not that many 20-year-olds are really in love with someone who could be their father or grandfather.

But the men are often so ashamed they don’t report it.

“They keep it quiet in the hope that no one will find out,” a European diplomat said.

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