Cost running dating site

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Helicopters would fly overhead at Key West, and they would drop flyers over the crowd and write “IAm Free” in the sky.

Girls in bikinis would walk around handing out flyers all over the place.

have been the leaders in their target markets for many years now.

Even though there are start-ups every day launching with new, exciting, and even superior features, they rarely gain traction, because the power of the network effect and the winner-take-all outcome is nearly impossible to displace.

Then, there’s no reason for anyone to continue using the site.

We took some time to lick our wounds from that costly and damaging marketing bust, then restarted the brainstorming about how to grow the user base, because time was of the essence.

We knew how to get a good amount of press coverage, because we had already been on some big-time talk shows like Geraldo and the Mike and Juliet Show, but getting a lot of signups all at once still eluded us.

I realized that all my great ideas about uniqueness weren’t going to matter if I didn’t find a way to get a large number of users to sign up.

I needed to spark interest, create buzz, and get a lot of activity going.

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