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Conventional coaches tend to disagree with the last idea.

Nancy Slotnik, author of Turn Your Cablight On, concedes that, "the world has changed such that interactions between men and women are more ambiguous," but she insists that "dates, as a general rule, still precede relationships." She encourages her clients to "be clear on what they are looking for in dating and settle for nothing less.

Her cutesy "honeys" speak volumes about her approach to communication.

I soon discover that, in addition to dissecting my psyche and charging as much as a Ph D, Caroline intends to transform me into a relic from the 1950s.

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In order to help you a dating coach needs to know your history — at least some of it.

How many more beautiful women will you let walk by without approaching? This is about finding a deep, lasting connection with an amazing woman.

I learn that Caroline the coach is approximately our age (early 30s), self-trained, and currently single, which makes her an earnest, if questionable, adviser.

"It's very masculine energy."Already frustrated by advice that seems antiquated, I am astonished when Caroline suggests that I talk to my date as though he were a seven-year old girl. I realized later that what I needed in that moment was a cheerleader, not a coach. For years, I met guys organically—through school, friends, or out and about—but as time went on, the pool of single, age-appropriate men began dwindling, and avenues I'd formerly used lost effectiveness.

I tried online dating, went to and organized singles mixers, and asked my friends to set me up, but I eventually confronted the fact that relationships—and the way we enter into them—are changing. Writing for The Atlantic, Kate Bolick addressed a new scarcity in which successful women lack viable male counterparts.

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