Cory monteith dating taylor swift economist science of internet dating

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How do you feel about the coupling of Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy?

Which other celebrity couples are you most interested in right now?

Their relationship which spanned between March 2009 and April 2009 was devoid of the usual drama which may be why Taylor never had a Swift song in his honour.

On his own part, Lucas said that the relationship couldn’t work out because he only liked Taylor as a friend, Ouch! Taylor Lautner became the hottest couple in Hollywood from August 2009 to December 2009.

Now, the obvious question on the lips of the swift dater’s fans is this; Will Joe Alwyn be next on Taylor Swift’s breakup list?

Taking the relationship timeline of the Grammy award winner into consideration, the answer to that particular question will surely come sooner than we expect as we wait with baited breath for the penny to drop.

Their three months old relationship which hit the rocks in a 27-seconds phone call from Jonas was laid to rest with a song titled ‘Better Than Revenge’, which is believed to be targeted at the girl Jonas replaced her with.

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While they were said to be dining with their agents--so there's a good possibility that it was a business dinner--they arrived together and he walked her to her car when she left. Elizabeth has since said that she learned from her big sisters (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) not to pay any attention to celeb gossip, so..isn't spilling if it's happening.

A timely warning for all the hopeful dudes: if you have plans to date Taylor, be prepared to have a song written about you.

The Grammy award-winning singer started her escapades with the opposite sex in her late teens when she hooked up with the handsome Joe Jonas in July 2008.

Some of these relationships have lasted longer (and been way more public) than others, but whenever she starts up a new relationship or her current one ends, it's hard to avoid hearing about it in the news.

Each time she releases a new song, her fans scramble to dissect the lyrics and try to figure out exactly who the pop princess is singing about.

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